The Difference Between Assisted Living and Nursing Homes

What do you do when home is no longer a safe environment?

This is not an easy decision, and a decision one typically makes only once. We understand that. That’s why it’s important you too understand what your options are, and what the differences are. If you or a loved one is having difficulties living independently and troubled with everyday tasks (example: washing dishes, cleaning a house, paying bills, eating, getting into bed), a facility with nurses on site is possibly a safer alternative to home. But, what kind of a facility? A nursing home? An assisted living? Knowing the difference is critical, not only to meet ones need in care, but also quality of life.

What is an assisted living?

Assisted living centers cater to seniors who wish to maintain independence, but provide 24-hour, on-demand nursing supervision and assistance for daily menial, disruptive tasks. They provide a crucial service to seniors who prefer assistance with cooking, cleaning, paying bills, transportation, and other daily activities. Assisted living facilities can also provide a healthy social environment, which can remedy the downslide of social activity common in seniors who find it difficult to visit friends and loved ones.

What is a nursing home?

Seniors whose needs exceed their capacity to receive home treatment are the main beneficiaries of skilled nursing services. Nursing facilities serve the everyday needs of residents who find menial tasks such as remembering to take daily medication, paying bills on time, or maintain personal hygiene and home cleanliness difficult. For seniors who require constant care or who have major disabilities, a quality nursing facility can be a lifesaver.

What’s Right for You?

In short, if you wish to remain independence but need help with daily tasks, an assisted living is likely a great community for your social and physical needs. If you are unsure if an assisted living is right for you, feel free to call and talk to our educated staff. We are always glad to assist in whatever capacity you need.