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Located on the Westbank, St. Margaret’s at Belleville Assisted Living offers an alternative to traditional nursing homes. New Orleans residents in need of assisted living accommodations will enjoy our 53 spacious apartments, the largest of their kind in the area.

Benefits of a Senior Living Apartment

Living in an apartment with on-call senior care is beneficial for many reasons. The stress of home maintenance disappears, as does the need to drive and to plan and cook every meal. Senior living communities also offer companionship with the staff and other residents. There are also a host of activities planned that will be sure to engage residents no matter their interests. Senior living apartments have also been shown to improve family relationships, as the dependence of the elder on the younger generation is no longer a burden that must be borne.

About the Apartment

The standard amenities of each apartment include a private bedroom, a private bathroom, a living area, and a kitchenette. The kitchenette includes a full-size refrigerator and microwave, internet and cable readiness, and a cutting-edge nurse call system in case of emergency. One-third of our apartments offer a full kitchen complete with a stovetop and oven. With their lofty ceilings, exposed brick, spacious floors, and beautiful wide windows that invite the sun to gently illuminate the room, our apartments are designed to amaze.

Floor Plans

The layout and furnishings of our apartments are completely customizable, ensuring that each room is as unique as the resident who lives there. Our studios are homes where the entire family can gather to share a smile, a laugh, and a meal. We have multiple options that differ in size and amenities. Our floor plan options include the styles Boutique (393 sq ft), Custom (504 sq ft), Deluxe (593 sq ft), and Suite (743 sq ft).

How to Schedule a Visit

Please see our contact page and fill out a contact form to schedule a visitation or to request an apartment reservation. You may also call us at (504) 362-7166.

Our Floor Plans

BOUTIQUE 393 sq ft View Floor Plan
CUSTOM 504 sq ft View Floor Plan
DELUXE 593 sq ft View Floor Plan
SUITE 743 sq ft View Floor Plan