Image Of Residents Relaxing In Facility For Assisted Living New Orleans - Belleville Assisted Living

Residents Share Anecdotes From St. Margaret’s In New Orleans Westbank

"My 90 year old mother was always afraid of going into an elder facility. She bounced from relative to relative for the last four years. We were lucky enough to find Belleville three months ago. It is unknown gem. I would have never considered assisted living for a dementia patient, but my mother loves it there. She says the staff treats her with such kindness and respect. She says she feels relaxed and at peace now. She says the anxiety of not knowing what is going to happen to her is gone. She recently told me it felt like home. My mom likes to socialize and now she can socialize as much or as little as she wants. The staff knows my mother loves hugs, and they provide plenty of them. I knew it was the right place when I saw the beautiful apartments and the chapel. My mom gets three full meals a day and gained a much needed 10 lbs within the first two months. My mother has adapted incredibly well, and it feels as if I have my old mother back. Belleville is also one of the more reasonably priced facilities."
~ Jacinta, Family
"Edna is my mother-in-law. She broke her shoulder July 2, 2014. At that time, Edna was living in an apartment on her own.  It took only a few days to realize that she could not care for herself. We, her son, my husband, John and I tried to do 24 hour care, we hired sitters to spend the night. however, the sitters could not assist  her with her medications. I approached Claire and told her of our needs. From that day forward our worries ceased and Edna's care began. We were able to move her into a small "temporary" unit with the intent of her moving back to her apartment when she was recovered. Claire, Adelle, and the staff of Belleville have provided a safe and healthy environment for her.  In fact, upon her  recent check up her doctors stated her diabetes and kidney function had actually improved. I am sure it is due to her diet and care. Recently Edna traded her temporary apartment for a larger permanent apartment at Belleville. My husband and I can rest easy knowing that Edna is always in good hands.  Thanks to all who make this possible."
~ John and Deborah, Family
"I came here from another assisted living in the area. The difference between St. Margaret's at Belleville and my previous residence is night and day. I served as a logistics officer in the Marine Corp for twenty-eight years before retirement, so I like to stay active. I really enjoy St. Margaret's at Belleville’s activities. I’ve won the Activities Attendance Award three times in a row now, and I’ve won the Physical Fitness Award four times. Another thing about this place is the people – everyone who works here is always ready with a smile. It’s a happy place. You can’t walk from your room to the dining room without stopping to say “hi” and have a chat with at least four different people. It’s like we’re a big community. St. Margaret's at Belleville is the home I wish I had when I went into retirement. I’m happy to be here."
~ Alan, Resident