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FAQ Information for Assisted Living Center in New Orleans, LA

What is St. Margaret's at Belleville?

St. Margaret's at Belleville is a facility that prioritizes security and comfort in the lives of its residents. Our facility rests in the safe, serene Algiers Point neighborhood. Emergency call systems are provided in apartments and in the form of personal pendants. Residents benefit from 24-hour, on-demand nursing supervision and assistance. St. Margaret's at Belleville eliminates unnecessary stress by taking care of the menial tasks that disrupt daily life. We provide an elegant dining experience, cleaning services, transportation, a dedicated staff, and other amenities to ensure that your stay with us is as pleasant as possible.

Why should I consider an Assisted Living?

Assisted living centers cater to seniors who wish to maintain independence. St. Margaret's at Belleville offers independence when you want it and assistance when you need it. If you find yourself requiring assistance with everyday tasks like cleaning or washing dishes, or if obligations like paying bills become too much of a burden, an assisted living can help. If you decided that assisted living is the best service for your situation, St. Margaret's at Belleville offers an array of services to make your transition as smooth as possible. Assisted living facilities can also provide a healthy social environment, which can remedy diminishing social activity common in seniors who find it difficult to visit friends and loved ones.

How do I pay?

Most insurances do not cover assisted living. Rather, those who take advantage of assisted living services pay rent out of personal monthly income, just as they would if they were living in an apartment.

What am I getting myself into?

St. Margaret's at Belleville offers extravagant apartments that vary in size and design. In addition to a beautiful apartment, residency at St. Margaret's at Belleville entails full use of our common rooms, internet café, dining room, spa, activity rooms, parking lot (for those residents who drive), and bus transport. Our residents enjoy full independence when they want it and the highest-quality assistance possible when they need it.