Image Of Residents Relaxing In Facility For Assisted Living New Orleans - Belleville Assisted Living

Belleville Mission and History

The mission of St. Margaret's at Belleville Assisted Living, the newest member of the St. Margaret’s family of healthcare providers, is to serve the New Orleans community by providing the highest quality of service and care possible. St. Margaret's at Belleville continues the legacy of compassionate care that began with the founding of the original St. Margaret’s healthcare facility in 1931. Over eight decades later, we have not wavered in our resolve to create a home for our residents and provide New Orleans Assisted Living Services that make the lives of our elderly easier and more enjoyable. St. Margaret's at Belleville is a young assisted living born out of the remains of the former Belleville School in Algiers. The school, which stood vacant for more than twenty-five years until St. Margaret’s teamed up with Woodward Design & Build to begin restoration, has been a beacon of hope in the New Orleans community for generations. As a school, the building looked to the future, providing an education to the youth of New Orleans. As a restored and rejuvenated structure, the building reflects the past, standing tall as a testament to the amazing resilience of the neighborhood and the incredible potential of broken buildings. As a premier assisted living community, St. Margaret's at Belleville stays grounded in the present, offering services and amenities that will allow residents to continue to live with purpose and passion within a homelike setting. St. Margaret's at Belleville Assisted Living Information Packet